About me

Hi I’m Catherine.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and I love to travel, eat, bake, stay in nice hotels, and write about it all. I have a full time job, a cat, a dog, and a house, and I try to make time for a few holidays a year. I love holiday planning, nothing is worse than getting back from a country and realising you could have seen so much more if you had just done a bit of pre-planning and booking. I want everyone to have the best holidays so my website will hopefully be helpful for anyone planning on going overseas.

When I was 16 Mum took me on a holiday to Thailand, later that year I was an exchange student in the States for 6 months. After finishing high school I flew to London to work in a pub for 2 years, travelling around Europe with the small amount of money I was paid. Wanting a stable life, when my visa expired I flew back to Australia to get a proper job. I have been on holidays since then to Iceland, Dubai, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and back to Thailand and the States. My Favourite country is Japan. I love anything cute, weird or quirky.. baking, eating, finding places locals go, trying new things, and going on adventures. Life is short and I still have so many more places I want to see, I need to stop returning to my favourite places so I can start ticking more places off my list. I hope you enjoy my website.